His Parents Cried When They Saw Her, But Look At Her Now

Being in love is one of the most wonderful feeling a person could ever experience. It’s like when you sleep in on a Sunday morning, and you have nothing to do all day, but even better. It’s like eating your favorite meal and washing it down with your favorite beer, while watching your favorite TV show, but it’s somehow even better than that. Love is impossible to explain, you simply must feel it and experience it. This greatest of all experiences has its own day on which we celebrate it, it has thousands of movies and novels dedicated to it, but still no matter how close the feeling is represented, it can never be described.

The one disturbing thing when Hollywood describes this feeling in its romantic movies is, that the actors are always beautiful. This suggests that the only way to be in love, or to be loved is to be beautiful. In cinema screenwriters, directors and all that are involved in the production of a movie follow the same recipe – The handsome guy falls in love with the gorgeous girl, there is some drama between them and at the end the beautiful people come together.

Unfortunately not all of us can meet the beauty norms that Hollywood imposes, but that doesn’t mean that we should be deprived of love. Everyone deserves love, no matter of his or hers appearance. Even a person that is teased and bullied for being a bit different or being somewhat unattractive in the general understanding of beauty, can and will find love.


There are some brave couples out there, that simply refuse to accept the stereotypes and they find love and happiness despite the hate they get from some poor, sad, lonely person on the internet. Even if they are not as beautiful as actors and models, they are still the most beautiful creatures in the eyes of their significant other.

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