5 Secret Ways Your Neighborhood Is Slowly Killing You


Your Chances Of Getting Cancer Increase The Farther West You Live In Each Time Zone

Along with getting hit by a drone and someone posting that pic of you shitting your pants on New Year’s Eve, getting cancer is one of the major fears of modern life. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to minimize your risk, like eating lots of fruits and vegetable, not smoking, and other boring stuff. But if you really want to do everything in your power to avoid the Big C, you should pack your bags, head east, and not stop until you can see the time zone line.

maria_savenko/Adobe StockExcept, of course, for Mountain Time. Nobody should have to live there.

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In 2017, a group of researchers underwent an epic cancer study, looking into a whopping four million diagnoses in 11 states. To be as precise in their analytics as possible, they examined socioeconomic status, which county subjects were from, and even the latitudes they lived at. Surprisingly, it was the latter that revealed something truly odd. People who lived in the western portion of each time zone had the biggest chance of getting cancer — by as much as 12 percent for some types. Turns out your fourth-grade teacher was right; knowing your time zones is important.

Why exactly is this happening? It’s down to your circadian rhythm and the electric light. While we pretend that hundreds of miles of territory are all hit by sunlight at exactly the same time, it can actually differ by, well, slightly under one hour (or up to five if you live in China). This means people on the west side of a time zone technically get up earlier than those on the east, which means they wake up to a lot more darkness outside. This messes with your body’s clock, which thinks you should still be sleeping, and researchers are starting to fear this small but constant circadian disruption could cause the body to be more vulnerable to cancer.

Maks_Ershov/Adobe StockWhich coast is Death Valley located on? Exactly.